Illegal magic mushroom dispensary opens in Kitchener

After raids and arrests at FunGuyz in Cambridge a couple of months ago, the operators of the magic mushroom dispensary have expanded their presence in Waterloo Region and opened a new store in Kitchener.

Signage is visible from the road at the at the corner of Victoria Street and Park Street. The store aims to operate out of the back of the Guitar Corner building.

FunGuyz opened at least 15 stores last year, including the one in Cambridge.

The view of the FunGuyz Magic Mushroom Store from Park Street. / CityNews Kitchener

The Cambridge location was the subject of a police raid back in November, less than two weeks after opening its doors. It led to multiple arrests and seizures of suspected psilocybin. The dispensary had been operating without a business licence, as selling magic mushrooms remains illegal.

But do those who live nearby actually care about this illegal storefront?

“It depends on a couple things,” said one Kitchener resident. “Is it illegal? By the sounds of it, yes. Then because of that, is it attracting people that may partake in illegal activities?”

“I’m not really concerned about it, but it’s not legal so it shouldn’t be open,” said Linda.

A FunGuyz spokesperson told CityNews 570 after the Cambridge raid that they believe magic mushrooms can have therapeutic benefits, especially for mental health and addiction issues. He called the current restrictions in place for psilocybin “grossly unjustified” and that he hopes the laws are eventually changed, similar to what happened with cannabis.

570 also asked Kitchener residents if they agree with FunGuyz.

“Are people having adverse side effects that validate [psilocybin] being illegal or does it put you in a state of mind where you’re unable to think clearly and you’re at risk of harming yourself or others?”

“Depends on what it’s used for, somebody might need it for a medical reason,” said Linda.

“Maybe the should work towards whatever they did with pot,” said another resident.

Mayor Berry Vrbanovic also sent a statement to CityNews regarding the dispensary:

I am concerned about the potential that an illegal operation would ignore the law and attempt to open in Kitchener.

I have confidence that the Waterloo Region Police Service will exercise their jurisdiction to stop any illegal activity.

Neighbourhood and community safety continue to be a priority for council.

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