Flair Airlines making financial changes after airplane repossessions

Flair Airlines is looking to go back to business as usual for the spring and summer.

That was the main message at a press conference held by members of the airline on Friday afternoon.

This comes after a chaotic month with four airplanes being repossessed on March 11th, resulting in a delay of reimbursement towards customers who were impacted.

President and CEO Stephen Jones clarified that the airline is still working to track customers down.

“We’ve been going through methodically trying to find people that have yet to be properly satisfied.” Jones explained. “We made the commitment to have them all refunded within seven days. Most of that’s done.”

Jones added that it is unlikely that Flair will see the return of the four airplanes taken earlier in the month.

According to Chief Commercial Officer Garth Lund, the company will not see the 30 per-cent growth that was expected for 2023.

Cutbacks include the cancellation of flights to Edmonton, as well as the delay of plans for a third jet liner.

Jones stated that he is confident that Flair Airlines will not face any further repossessions, with the company “100 per-cent up to date on all lease payments”.

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