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NDP’s Jagmeet Singh targets Trudeau during campaign stop in Kitchener

Speaking to supporters on Tuesday, Jagmeet reaffirmed his party’s commitment to key issues while cautioning against another four years of ‘broken promises’

A sizeable swath of orange-clad supporters could be seen along Victoria Street North in Kitchener on Tuesday as the Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh made a brief campaign stop in the riding of Kitchener-Centre, drumming up support for local candidate Beisan Zubi and the party’s bid for leadership on the national stage.  

The bulk of Singh’s address to supporters focused on criticism levelled against Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, as he argued that Canadians cannot afford another four years of hurtful “broken promises” in addressing the issues that matter most to voters. Fresh off a stop in Neskantaga First Nation yesterday, Singh noted the Indigenous community remains under a boil-water advisory despite promises made by the Liberal government to deliver clean drinking water.

“When Justin Trudeau promises Indigenous kids clean drinking water and they don’t deliver on that, it’s not just an empty promise in a vacuum – it means that kids still don’t have clean drinking water.” said Singh.

“These people, these young kids, and these families… they were told things were going to get better, and they believed it. It’s almost worse when someone promises you that things will get better; when they give your hope that little extra boost (…) it is so much more crushing when they break that.”

Spurred on by cheers from the attendees, Singh also spoke harshly to Trudeau’s efforts in tackling the housing crisis and the “rigged economy” that he said is actively working against hard working and young Canadians looking to get ahead while providing “all sorts of loopholes and financial backstops” for billionaires and corporations.

“People continue to struggle to get access to the healthcare they need – that’s a rigged system… but here’s the thing. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can change it – if we make better choices, we can get better results.”

Singh also raised a recent dispute with Trudeau over disagreements on levels of taxation on wealthy Canadians, alleging that Trudeau argues that one can’t “tax the super wealthy with unlimited zeal”, insisting that his party would tax the wealthy with “maximum zeal” to fuel investments in protecting the environment, electrified transportation and student debt forgiveness.

“We believe that better is possible by making the billionaires, the Amazons of this world, the 44 wealthiest billionaires in Canada… we’re going to make sure they start paying their fair share, and we invest in that brighter future.”

The riding of Kitchener-Centre is quickly becoming a hot-bed of activity, with Federal Green Party Leader Annamie Paul also planning a visit to the riding in support of candidate Mike Morrice on Wednesday morning.

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