Oxford County study could see changes to Punkeydoodles intersection by 2026

By Brandon Maher

The study is part of Oxford County's ten year capital plan for 2026 as part of the 2023 budget that is currently in front of council for review and ultimate approval.

The analysis was in the works since 2019, but comes after a 22 year old woman was killed in a collision in October at the intersection of Oxford Road 5 and Punkeydoodles Avenue.

While new stop signs with flashing lights were installed quickly after the fatal crash, the safety of the intersection had been brought to the County's attention before.

That's according to Frank Gross, the Manager of Transportation and Waste Management for Oxford County. 

“We had spoken to a resident,” said Gross. “The feeling was that maybe a flashing red light was needed there, so we did look at it in 2021, but nothing in collision data indicated that there was a concern there.”

Gross added that the study would look at existing conditions, traffic volume and collision history, and then consider immediate and future needs at the intersection. 

The study could also result in traffic lights and roundabouts being installed.

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