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Drivers should be securing winter tires earlier this year due to potential shortage

Reports say that Ontario could see the messiest weather conditions in two decades this winter
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Reports say that Ontario could see the messiest weather conditions in two decades this winter. With many people returning to work in time for the upcoming season, purchasing snow tires should be at the top of their to do list. 

A bad rubber tree harvest and a shortage of shipping containers have led to a potential insufficiency of winter tires in North America this year. Not only could finding winter tires be a struggle this year, but the actual price of them will also leave some drivers astonished. 

Lyssa Da Costa, director of marketing and brand development for Tire Discounter Group, said, "there is an increase on these tires due to the fact of the shortage of rubber and the cost of getting tires over here in North American due to the container shortage. So costs have increased astronomically."

For example, a tire that would cost $100 in 2020 could be as much as $130 this year.

"There's a lot of tire dealers that are helping to support the cause by offering various different promotions like buy 3 get 1 free; you'll see that in a good majority of the car dealerships." Da Costa said, "At this time of year, most of the manufacturers have rebates so it basically will equate to a buy 3 get one 1 free."

While the news of the shortage may alarm many drivers, especially commuters, Da Costa said there is no need to panic. Getting in contact with your local tire dealer sooner rather than later is the best option. 

"Even if you have to pick them up and take them home to get them installed at a later time. I recommend getting your appointment booked mid October at least so you're avoiding any lineups and any delays on getting those tires on."

There has been a major shift within the past year within the tire industry, especially in the retail sector, due to the ongoing pandemic. For the last year, many people were working from home so getting winter tires put on was not a priority.

"People were not driving and the last thing they were willing to do was shell out that kind of money for a set of winter tires. At that time they either wanted to hold onto those funds just based on the unknown of what was happening and what was transpiring in our world and our economy." 

Da Costa also stated that if your heart is set on a certain brand of winter tires, you may have to forgo that brand and use another one this year. The most important thing right now though is to have a conversation with your local dealer so they can lead you in the right direction to keep yourself safe this winter. 

Tire Discounter Group secured their inventory back in March and believe they have enough to keep their customers happily supplied. Their products can be purchased at many dealers located within Waterloo Region. 

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