‘We will continue our efforts’: WRPS Chief on illegal magic mushroom dispensaries

By Erin Anderson

Waterloo Region’s police chief is addressing another round of raids at two controversial magic mushroom dispensaries.

The FunGuyz stores in Kitchener and Cambridge were searched last Thursday with various psilocybin products seized, along with cash.

Two people were also arrested and charged— and it’s not the first time this has happened.

Mark Crowell, Chief of the Waterloo Regional Police Service (WRPS), was on The Mike Farwell Show on Tuesday when he said authorities have carried out 10 search warrants at the illegal businesses since they opened.

“The work is intense, I can say it’s a large ongoing investigation,” Crowell said. “We have concerns from a community and public safety standpoint, just about these illegal businesses continuing to operate.”

The Cambridge FunGuyz location was the first dispensary to open locally back in November, while the Kitchener one began operating in March.

Each raid has seen officers go into the stores, seize all the product and make arrests.

After each search and seizure, the stores are restocked and reopened, usually within a matter of days.

“There’s no doubt the resupply of the stores is an organized attempt to keep business going and to keep profits moving,” Crowell said. “It shows you the sophistication and the depth of this particular business.”

Crowell repeated there is a large ongoing investigation taking place behind the scenes.

“Really our primary concern is having to do with connections to illicit operations and organized crime. So we’re working not only within the Region of Waterloo but also with public safety partners across Ontario to have an organized view on how we can do enforcement.”

It’s not an issue that’s isolated to Waterloo Region as illegal magic mushroom dispensaries are popping up across the province and nationally.

FunGuyz has multiple locations in Ontario and a spokesperson for the chain spoke to CityNews Kitchener anonymously last year after the first local raid.

They said they fully expect continued police enforcement as it’s the “nature of their business” but they believe there are “therapeutic benefits” to magic mushrooms, which outweigh any of the risks they’re facing and want to see Canadian drug laws changed.

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