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Hillier 'not welcome' back in Waterloo with divisive message: Fife

The Waterloo MPP was not happy to see MPP Hillier in her riding Sunday
Image from Catherine Fife on Twitter

The MPP for Waterloo is voicing her opinion on Sunday's anti-lockdown rally which was attended by a fellow MPP, Randy Hillier.

Hillier now sits as an independent and has been campaigning across the province touting his views against lockdowns and other public health measures, such as masks and vaccines.

Just last week Hillier said doctors and nurses making tearful pleas on social media for people to follow public health restrictions are "full of s---."

The anti-lockdown rally started in UpTown Waterloo. Waterloo MPP Catherine Fife tells 570 News Hillier is not welcome in Waterloo.

"MPP Hillier is not welcome in Waterloo to spread his message of division. Randy is actively campaigning against public health measures that are intended to keep people safe," said Fife. "His actions put others at risk and are the exact opposite of what we should be doing. Instead, we should be following Ontario's Science Table's advice to end this third wave as quickly as possible."

Anti-lockdown rallies have been held in Waterloo Public Square weekly since mid-April and Fife says the irony of it is they, and others like them, may be playing a role in prolonging the current restrictions.

"These rallies cause, obviously, a lot of discord in our community, but they may also contribute to the spread of COVID-19," Fife said. "There's something ironic there that these MPPs are pulling people together in a very irresponsible way which actually may compromise public health and safety."

The city, meantime, has said it will be working with regional police in deciding whether to lay any charges for violating the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.

Hillier, who has received several tickets for his role in protests already, has claimed there is no amount that will get him to stop spreading his message, even starting to pin them to his wall "as wallpaper."

Fife suggests Hillier's defiance continues to put the communities he visits at risk.

"I've been very clear, as has my counterpart, the member from Kitchener Centre, MPP Hillier is certainly not welcome in Waterloo to spread his message of division and I would prefer that he follow the provincial guidelines which means stay at home, stay safe, and keep other people safe."

Posts on social media are indicating that there are still plans for more anti-lockdown rallies in Uptown Waterloo every Sunday. 

A spokesperson with the People's Party of Canada confirmed to 570 NEWS that Maxime Bernier is currently planning on attending one here on June 6.

They said that's unless there is a "last-minute change to his schedule due to unforeseen events."

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