Kitchener Rangers announce restructuring of governance model

By Brent Cater

Change is coming to the Kitchener Rangers.

The hockey club announced Friday it’s restructuring its governance model and slashing the number of directors.

The board of directors approved a motion on May 6 to reduce their number of directors from 39 to nine.

Appearing on the Mike Farwell Show Jeff Emrich, president and alternate governor with the Kitchener Rangers said the reduction has to do with changes to the not-for-profit corporation act that became law in 2021.

“The new not-for-profit corporation act became law and organizations like the Kitchener Rangers were impacted,” he said. “That’s the framework for which we have to govern the hockey club.”

The law gave the club three years to make the transition and comply with the act, which has a deadline set for October 18.

Emrich said despite this restructuring there won’t be a noticeable change to the average fan.

“We’re still going to have many committees and there is still going to be a lot of help required from our subscribers but, when it comes to the governance side of the club we are going to govern our business staff and let them do their jobs on the front end,” he said.

Other structural changes include the primarily volunteer/working board transitioning into a governance/policy-based board and limiting future directors to four consecutive, three-year terms.

In addition, with this restructuring the title of president will be changed to board chair and the vice-chair, secretary and treasurer will be labelled officer positions.

Emrich added that a vote is being held at the Subscriber’s Lounge at the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium Complex on June 10. Subscribers are encouraged to attend to ratify the changes.

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