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Fighting the effects of hard water in homes and businesses

Untreated hard water causes minerals like calcium to build up in pipes, faucets, water heaters and dishwashers, potentially causing costly damage
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Hard water is a big problem and concern in Kitchener-Waterloo. Hard water poses a few challenges for the residents in the area, but the people at Riepert Salt and Supply have been offering solutions to hard water problems in the area for 33 years. 

Hard Water Causes Damage to Homes and Businesses

Riepert Salts’ extensive experience has made them experts on hard water. Kitchener-Waterloo has the 2nd hardest water in the entire country. “If you own a home or business of any sort, you really should have a water softener to protect your investment,” says Dan Riepert. 

Untreated hard water causes minerals like calcium to build up in pipes, faucets, water heaters and dishwashers. Pipes and appliances are damaged by this calcification and will have to be repaired and replaced more frequently. Over time, the minerals in hard water also cause glass dishes and shower enclosures to appear cloudy from mineral deposits. 

Households and businesses with hard water will also notice that their cleaning agents, like soaps and detergent, are not as effective. Dishes, laundry and showering all require more cleaning products when washing with hard water. 

Choosing the Best Water Softener Salt

Water softener salt works together with resin beads within the water softener unit to pull out excess minerals before they reach the building’s plumbing.  The salt in the softener eventually runs out and needs to be replenished routinely. 

Dan says that the most important thing to consider when buying water softener salt is using a good quality product. “Cheap salt is soft so it will eventually plug up the softener and end up costing the customer $100 to $150 in repairs.” Good quality salt is slightly more expensive per bag, but it will save those repair costs in the long-term. 

Full-Service Salt Company

Dan and Shelley are incredibly proud of the business that they have built. Not only do they provide high-quality salt products to the community, but they provide incredible service as well. 

“We have knowledgeable, helpful staff. We treat our employees like family. That’s the way we do our service, too. Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority” says Dan. 

The customer service staff at Riepert Salt and Supply are able to book the same day or next day salt delivery and even call customers to remind them that they may be running out of water softener salt. Their delivery team not only delivers the heavy bags of salt right into the home, but they also fill the unit if needed. Each visit from Riepert Salt and Supply includes a water softener inspection. “Our complimentary water testing  may be a consideration if your water softener is over 10 years old, ” says Dan. “You may hear your softener going off but the Resin may be shot and your unit is only costing money in water, electricity and salt.” Spotty dishes, no real lather with shampoo or cleaning agents, itchy skin are all signs of your softener needing some attention.

This level of customer service has helped Dan and Shelley grow their business from 1 customer to 14,000 customers. They provide the area with almost 50,000 tonnes of salt per year. 

Their work is incredibly rewarding. “For me, it is the relationships that we have built with the suppliers and customers. To see it makes me feel very good that I am able to give 30 people with families employment,” says Dan. “We treat all of our customers as valued, no matter if they are a 3 bag order or a full truck load. As a result, we enjoy long-standing relationships with our customers. 

For the residents of Kitchener-Waterloo, taking care of their homes and businesses with high-quality water softener solutions is incredibly important. Luckily, the team at Riepert Salt and Supply, led by Dan and Shelley Riepert, are here to provide excellent products and services. 

For more information about water softener salt, contact Riepert Salt and Supply’s knowledge customer service staff online or by calling (519)747-2708.

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