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Unsolicited copies of a controversial publication showing up in local mailboxes

Local MPP concerned with the controversial publication showing up in local mailboxes
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Some residents in Kitchener may have opened their mailbox to find an unsolicited copy of a controversial publication called "The Epoch Times."

It's been viewed by some residents as racist, homophobic, and a publication that fuels hate. 

Canada Post has issued a statement to 570 NEWS regarding the circulation of this publication.

"We always listen when customers or employees bring forward concerns about a particular mailing and we understand. As Canada's postal administration, Canada Post is obligated to deliver any mail that is properly prepared and paid for, unless it is considered non-mailable matter. The Courts have told Canada Post that its role is not to act as the censor of mail or to determine the extent of freedom of expression in Canada. This is an important distinction between Canada Post and private sector delivery companies. Any views we may have about the content do not change our obligation to deliver. Any further questions about the publication should be directed to the publisher."

Kitchener Centre MPP Laura Mae Lindo says it's a huge concern to see this paper circulating. 

"We seem to be having the same fight over and over and over, but we have the same fight because the leadership doesn't make a strong stand and say that we aren't going to accept this and actively do things to stop it," said Lindo, "whenever there is some kind of racial uprising - the same folks that are publishing these newspapers try it again because this might be their window to be able to get some hate out." 

Lindo said this is a revolving door of having the same battle. 

"It is exhausting," said Lindo, "I hear from the folks that do racial equity work that there's this feeling like 'will we ever get out of this horrible loop?' I'm strongly of the opinion that's why it's so important that we keep pushing to have the Ontario Premier to make that bold statement to ensure that the Prime Minister puts hate groups - all of them - onto these lists so that we are monitoring so that we do use the tools that we have before us so that we can stop this kind of vitriol."

Lindo adds that she has heard from a number of concerned constituents in the area and that she is looking into what can be done about unsolicited issues of the publication being sent to mailboxes in our community. 

It is unclear how many newspapers have been delivered to mailboxes in our region, however, it's not the first time that we've seen this publication circulate in our community. 

Back in April 2020, the publication was making the rounds and people took to social media with their concerns back then as well. 

The Epoch Times uses a paid subscription model for publications in Canada. 

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