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'The streets are going to be crazy': Students not deterred by security measures for Laurier Homecoming

Fencing has been installed on Ezra Ave, but students say they'll just take the party somewhere else
ezra fencing
Fencing installed on Ezra Ave. for Laurier homecoming 2022 | Germain Ma

Ezra Avenue could see a flood of purple and gold Saturday morning for Homecoming weekend at Wilfrid Laurier University.

"The streets are going to be crazy. Everyone's going to have their outfits on. Everyone's going to be partying and drunk at 3 p.m.," said Mandy, a third-year student.

Officials have been warning against unsanctioned gatherings and fencing has been installed on Ezra to create barriers between the homes, the sidewalk, and the roadway.

Students say it won't deter them.

"I think it's kind of stupid. People are going to go behind the fence and into the houses if they really want to. They're just going to relocate to somewhere else,"
 said Zayna.  

In March, St. Patrick's Day celebrations shifted from Ezra Avenue to Marshall Street after the road was encased by fencing. 

"They're still going to go out and party and go to another street, Albert or something," said Mandy.

Students also tell CityNews 570 that the fencing is frustrating to those that live on Ezra.

"I have friends that live on Ezra and it's such a hassle for them. Now, they have to deal with the fencing and the people working down there. Now, it's going to be so much harder for them to get to their house," said Luke, a fourth-year student.

Some also feel they should be allowed to let loose.

"It's a little frustrating because most of my school has been spent online," said Lewis, a fourth-year student. 

"It feels good to be let out," added Josh, a first-year student. 

Signage is up on Ezra that reads "Street parties on city roadways are unlawful and present safety hazards to participants and the public."

During orientation week at Laurier, one party left damaged vehicles, injuries, and "excessive" litter

"The people who wreck cars are the ones who either can't handle themselves when they're intoxicated, or they're the type of people who just want to go out there for the sake of starting chaos. In my opinion, that's just a small minute group of people," said Jack, who's visiting his friend at Laurier.

"I think it's a little scary, but also people haven't been smart enough," added Zayna.

In past years, Homecoming celebrations on Ezra saw thousands attend.

"Everyone's probably going to come here. People from York I know are coming, people from U of T, schools like that that don't really have a big homecoming. [University of] Waterloo people are all here," said Mandy.

"One street is just going to be packed. It's going to be nuts," said Jack. 

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