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Employment trends vary from industry to industry during pandemic

The education service and food service industries have both been hard hit
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The pandemic has changed the way we live day-to-day, and it has had a clear effect on a number of local industries.

Some industries have been harder hit than others --- like the food service industry --- but on the other hand, a number of industries have greatly benefited from the changes to our habits.

Executive Director of Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo Wellington Dufferin, Charlene Hofbauer, said male-dominated industries have seen the most growth during the pandemic.

"Construction has just taken off," she said, "The second lockdown saw no decline in staffing levels. Transportation and warehousing has also grown by about 6000 people from March to January."

"And during the second lockdown, the industry did grow by 200 people."

She said during the pandemic for instance, more people have been ordering a variety of things online, leading to a boost within the transportation and warehousing industry.

"Transportation includes our big transport trucks and warehousing includes sending stuff off to our homes," Hofbauer explained, "Don't forget that there are all those delivery and courier drivers who are on the roads, who are trying to support our restaurants and our retail and all those pieces."

"I think that's where we are seeing the driver for transportation and warehousing."

Hofbauer also noted the local food service industry continues to be hard-hit, despite all of the community support.

"Even though we are supporting them, we don't need as many waitresses, we don't need as many cooks sometimes because you can only get so much out of the kitchen at a time," she said, "I think if we just keep supporting them and making sure that they can pay those bills, they can start to bring back people."

Another industry that has been identified is in education services.

Hofbauer said Waterloo Region has seen lots of growth in industries like construction, healthcare, transportation and warehousing, retail and manufacturing.

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