Dog abandoned in Cambridge park, found covered in maggots

By Erin Anderson

It’s becoming a disturbing trend where an animal is abandoned and found in rough conditions.

The Cambridge and District Humane Society said there was another incident locally last week, as a small dog was left tied up in a Cambridge park in 30°C heat.

The animal was severely emaciated with wounds around his neck and he was covered in maggots.

“We can’t even imagine what he must have been feeling and our hearts shattered when we saw him,” the Cambridge and District Humane Society said in a social media post.

The dog was taken to the Holliday Veterinary Hospital in Cambridge where it was discovered he did not have any underlying health issues, and was very thin from being starved.

He’s been given the name “White Beard” as he starts his road to recovery and the humane society is promising to give updates on his progress.

The humane society is also urging people to access their Emergency Pet Food Bank if you need help feeding an animal.

You should also surrender an animal to an agency is you can’t care for them.

Last month, five puppies were found abandoned in a box near Highway 401 in Kitchener. A six-year-old Chihuahua was also found abandoned in a public washroom holding tank in Guelph.

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