Second early bird winner announced in Farwell4Hire 50/50 raffle

The second winner of the early bird draw in the Farwell4Hire 50/50 raffle was announced Friday on The Mike Farwell Show.

Amado Gonzalez Ramirez was the winner of $2,500 with ticket number 99005630369.

Gonzalez Ramirez said his wife is the one who bought the tickets and is glad to have received the winning call.

“Oh my goodness, that is great news,” he laughed. “I know it goes to a really good cause.”

He said that he will be helping out some of the folks back in the Dominican Republic where he was born with his early bird winnings.

“Definitely help out some of the folks back in Dominican Republic,” he said. “Every time we go there, we try and bring clothing and toys for the kids and things like that. We will be doing that in our next trip to the Dominican. There will be a lot of people happy.”

TLC Pet Food put up two $2,500 early bird prizes for the raffle. The first winning early bird ticket was given away May 10 with the winning number of 99004979094.

Erik Kuttis is the owner of TLC Pet Food and he said supporting the Farwell4Hire campaign is something he is proud to do.

“I would say anything involving kids, you would be hard-pressed to hear us say no, whether it be athletics or the arts or any of these charities, we just feel like a community company, it’s vital, ” said Kuttis. “Part of the reason we exist is to give back and we believe that should be the corporate culture.”

The Farwell4Hire 50/50 Grand Prize Draw will take place May 31 at 12:15 p.m., on the Mike Farwell Show.

You can purchase your tickets at

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