Coyote decoys put in Waterloo Park to scare geese away

By Erin Anderson

The City of Waterloo has recruited some “intimidating” help to try and tackle a goose problem in Waterloo Park.

Eight coyote decoys are now calling the park home, temporarily, and they have one mission: keep geese away from Silver Lake.

While the 3D coyotes look a bit sinister, they are fake and developed by Bird-X Humane Bird Control Solutions.

They’re marketed as a “menacing predator replica” that can frighten geese, birds and other small pests away from open outdoor areas.

The City of Waterloo will continue to rotate the decoys along the perimeter of Silver Lake over the next few months as part of a trial experiment.

It’s all part of the city’s effort to develop a “broader goose management plan” for the popular park.

Anyone walking through Waterloo Park is asked to leave the coyote decoys alone and not move them, as they’re being placed strategically.

“Visitors to the park are asked to refrain from touching or playing with the decoys while they’re on duty, so they can maintain their intimidating presence to deter the geese,” a statement to CityNews Kitchener reads.

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