Guelph police warn navigation apps may be aiding impaired drivers

A feature of navigation apps like Waze lets users report locations of police, a useful tool to avoid an unwanted speeding ticket.

However, Guelph police warn that the feature could be abused by those looking to avoid police detection while driving impaired.

Scott Tracey, Media Relations Coordinator with Guelph Police Service, is concerned that impaired drivers could avoid R.I.D.E. program stops by looking for police locations on navigation apps.

“It encourages or assists impaired drivers in taking a different route, and potentially extends the threat they pose, not only to themselves, but to all users of the road,” said Tracey.

Tracey added that, while not illegal, if you post the location of a ride program on the app, you’re assisting others in committing dangerous criminal behaviour.

According to Tracey, letting the public know about speed traps and the location of police on the app is a positive thing if it causes motorists to drive with more care and caution.

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