Waterloo Region sees seventh warmest March since 1914: E.D. Soulis Memorial Weather Station

The E.D. Soulis Memorial Weather Station at the University of Waterloo has released its latest data for March.

In its latest summary, the station found March was both warmer and wetter than on average. The first half of the month saw temperatures between 10 to 15 degrees higher than the average. The first day to hit above 20°C was March 4 around 2:30 p.m. This was followed by a period of days that saw temperatures below the average.

“Overall, the average temperature was over three degrees warmer than average, making it the seventh warmest March in the history of records in the region that go back to 1914,” said the statement.

When it came to precipitation, March saw higher than average rainfall. The average rainfall was 71.6mm over the month, beating the average of 63.6mm. Two days of rainfall over 20mm on March 9 and 14 helped raise that average.

Snowfall came in much lower, around 11.5cm, versus the 26.5cm on average. For the whole season, it puts the total to 71cm, less than half of the average of 159.7cm.

The maximum temperature was 20.6°C and the minimum was -11.3°C.

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