Cambridge firefighters praised for Easter Sunday bird rescue

The Cambridge Fire Department is getting some online praise for an animal rescue on Easter Sunday.

The Cambridge Humane Society posted on Instagram about how firefighters saved a bird tangled up in string and caught in a tree.

It was a grackle — a black and blue bird — tangled up in what appeared to be kite string.

The CHS said, for safety reasons its officers are not allowed to climb trees.

But when they called the fire department, one of their trucks from Station 3 was there in minutes.

Photos from the scene show the aerial ladder pointed up to the top of the tree, with the bird stuck in the upper branches.

The post said the bird was set free by a firefighter and flew away unharmed.

Responses to the post from the public include: “Amazing to see such acts of kindness”; “Well done CFD!”; and “Thank you to the @cambridgefirefighters.”

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