Mayor of Waterloo speaks out about Bathurst Drive encampment filled with garbage

Waterloo Mayor Dorothy McCabe said she and the city are aware of the encampment on Bathurst Drive that has accumulated a large amount of garbage.

The encampment is located in the green space behind an office building in between Bathurst Dr. and Bridge St West. An individual has been reported to have been living there for the last few years.

Speaking on the The Mike Farwell Show on Thursday, McCabe said she is concerned the site is not safe because it is located near a stormwater pond and a recently formed sinkhole.

She adds the city has been working with the individual who lives at the site for some time to offer them shelter space or transitional housing options.

“For some people, shelter systems are not the options they’re looking for,” said McCabe. “We can’t force people to take some of the different options that are available to them.”

The site has been cleaned up at least three times since McCabe was elected in 2022. She said there are plans for crews to come in again, but the area is not safe because of weather conditions.

“We’re not able to get vehicles in and out when there is a freeze-thaw-freeze-thaw type weather,” said McCabe.

City staff have also been in contact with local businesses in the area to resolve the situation.

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