ACB Network condemns WRPS fatal shooting on Brybeck Crescent

The African, Caribbean, Black Network of Waterloo Region has issued a statement condemning police violence, after a WRPS officer shot and killed a man in Kitchener on Monday night.

The ACB Network identified him as Nicholas Nembhard, and describe him as “a Black man in distress due to a mental health crisis.”

The Special Investigations Unit said a 31-year old man was shot by police, on Brybeck Crescent, during an altercation in which the man was holding an edged weapon.

ACB Network said it was Nembhard’s family themselves who called for help Monday night, only to be “met with fatal force.”

In a post on social media, the group points to past incidents of violence between Black people and regional police.

Waterloo Regional Police can not comment on the Brybeck shooting while the SIU is investigating.

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