Bleams Road expansion continues, contract to be awarded at regional council

Regional council will decide on whether to approve an $11.8 million dollar bid to extend Bleams Road.

The project is a part of the region’s wider goal to connect Bleams with River Road.

If council approves the tender offer Wednesday evening from London-based J-AAR Excavating Limited, construction could begin on the expansion of Bleams by Mar. 11.

That work includes extending Bleams from Manitou Drive through Schneider Creek to beyond Wilson Avenue, just west of the Goodrich and Wabanaki Drive intersection. A brand new roundabout would open at what would be Bleams and Wilson (currently Wilson and Goodrich).

Map of Bleams Road expansion
Map showing location of Bleams Road expansion. / Region of Waterloo

Street lighting, sidewalks, multi-use trails as well as all-new watermain would need to be part of the construction.

According to the staff report, the watermain will remain within the construction limits for the future extension of raw water supply from the Hidden Valley intake to supply the Mannheim Water Treatment Plan.

Apart from a temporary full closure of the Bleams and Manitou roundabout, two-way traffic is expected to remain on the impacted roads (Wilson, Bleams, Manitou) for the duration of the contract.

The region is expecting construction to wrap up by September 30, 2025.

Meanwhile, there are plans to revamp the stretch of Bleams from Fischer Hallman Road to Trussler Road. That work is set to begin this May.

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