More support services coming for vulnerable seniors in Waterloo

By Justine Fraser

Over the next two years, the “Improving Access to Home Support Services in Waterloo” project will provide more support to anyone in the municipality considered to be a low-income or vulnerable senior.

The City of Waterloo received a grant from the Government of Canada that lets them expand their current support services for seniors living at home in the city.

The funding comes from the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) In-Home Support Pilot Project stream of the Age Well at Home initiative.

The project is set to run until Sept. 5, 2025.

“We are extremely grateful to the Government of Canada for this incredible opportunity to support Waterloo seniors in aging well at home, fostering a sense of connection and belonging within our community,” said Jim Bowman, the director of community programming & outreach services for the City of Waterloo.

The project aims to empower seniors living in the City of Waterloo to age in the comfort of their home by providing more support services.

The city has provided at home support services for over 35 years. They rely on volunteers to deliver these services. This project will expand on those services and looks to enhance volunteer impacts.

The project’s volunteer-based support services include developing and implementing outdoor maintenance programs, expanding transportation services for newcomer seniors and using statistics to identify Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs) in Waterloo to develop a program to support seniors in those types of communities.

The cities home support services for seniors currently provides weekly lunches, help with grocery shopping, home maintenance, homemaking, telephone reassurance calls and transportation.

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