Local paintball business searching for new home

Local favourite Flagraiders may have fired their last paintball, unless they can find a new home.

The paintball business was started by owner Joe Kimpson in 1983, and was previously operating at Bingemans Centre before being forced to move due to the sale of the land they were using.

Kimpson said they’ve used a location on Kossuth Rd. near the Region of Waterloo Airport, but the property is zoned for agriculture and can’t be used commercially.

“You hear about municipal, regional, federal governments hearing about how small business is the backbone of the economy, yet no-one is willing to go out on a limb and help us out,” said Kimpson.

Kimpson said he’s seen a lot of interest from people in the community about the state of the business.

“Not a day goes through where two or three people don’t come up to me and say ‘how’s Flagraiders?'”, said Kimpson. “We’re talking thousands of people.”

Kimpson added that paintball is an accessible sport, played by all kinds of people as an alternative to the traditional team sports.

“These folks don’t play your traditional hockey, they don’t play soccer, they play paintball and that’s what they do,” said Kimpson. “You don’t have to be a super athlete to play, anybody can play.”

Kimpson said if they were able to find a new home, the business could act as a tourist attraction, bringing hundreds of paintball enthusiasts to the region.

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