Making sense of your hybrid and electric car options

By Kimberley Falk

The advent of hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) may seem like old news to some, but the landscape is still evolving rapidly. It still is, and still should be, capturing the attention and curiosity of consumers.

“In our conversations with clients, we often discuss hybrids, mild hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and fully electric vehicles,” says Matt Ellacott, expert and owner of Automotive Edge.

Automotive Edge is a full-service auto repair shop in Kitchener offering loaner vehicles that allows customers to get to work or finish their errands while their vehicle receives repairs.

They work on all makes and models, keeping up to date with automotive innovations and striving to provide customers with the best service and advice when it comes to all vehicles – including hybrid and electric.

Differentiating these vehicle types is key to understanding their impact.

Mild hybrids represent a subtle introduction to electric power, enhancing fuel efficiency without the need for external charging.

Plug-in hybrids offer a balance, combining standard fuel engines with significant electric driving capabilities, while full electric vehicles represent the cutting edge of this evolution, completely forgoing gasoline for a greener driving experience.

“It really depends on your individual driving habits, how long you plan to keep the vehicle, and what you’re willing to invest in terms of both money and adaptation to new technology,” explains Ellacott.

“It’s about finding a balance that suits your lifestyle, whether you’re a city commuter or someone who frequently takes long road trips. Each type of vehicle, be it gasoline-fueled, hybrid or a full electric, has its own set of advantages and considerations.”

Matt Ellacott

Automotive Edge’s commitment to educating clients about these options is evident.

Celebrating their 20th year, the team, led by Ellacott, provides hands-on experience with different vehicle types.

“We’ve seen and fixed every kind of vehicle you can think of here at Automotive Edge,” he explains. “This hands-on experience means we really get these cars.”

“It’s all about helping our clients understand what they’re driving and making sure it’s the right fit for them.”

“There’s a lot of confusion out there with all these different types – mild hybrids, plug-in hybrids, full electrics. People hear these terms and it can get overwhelming,” Ellacott says. “What we do is break it down, make it simpler to understand.”

Ready to choose a more sustainable vehicle but unsure of where to begin? Automotive Edge in Kitchener is the place to start.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team will guide you to the right vehicle. We’ll help you navigate government incentives and rebates to reduce your costs.

Stop by our showroom today.

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