From uncertainty to clarity

By Erlynn Gococo

Are you a student trying to figure out what courses you should be taking?

There are nearly 2,000 University Majors to choose from (plus College and Apprenticeship options).  The average student changes majors three times. Why waste so much time and money taking the wrong courses?

By choosing the right classes, you will be on a better path to a meaningful career. Don’t be just another statistic; don’t gamble with your career choice.

Breakthroughs in Careers will guide you towards a future filled with passion and purpose! With over two decades of expertise in helping individuals like you uncover their true calling, Breakthrough in Careers is here to make your journey to success seamless and satisfying.

Did you know that a staggering 80 per cent of people are dissatisfied with their current jobs? Don’t let yourself fall into that statistic. Breakthroughs in Careers specializes in insightful assessments that boast an impressive 99 per cent accuracy rate in identifying the career paths perfectly tailored to your unique talents and interests.

Its dynamic assessment process is designed to match you with a career that aligns with the cognitive skills essential for success in your chosen industry.

Through its comprehensive Brain Skill assessment, Breakthroughs in Careers delves into 27 key areas of cognitive function, providing unparalleled insights into your future career success.

But it doesn’t stop there – Breakthroughs in Careers understands that personality plays a significant role in career satisfaction. That is why its assessments also consider the ‘big six’ traits: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism, and creativity. By analyzing these traits through a blend of subjective and objective questions, Breakthroughs in Careers can pinpoint the career options that resonate best with who you are.

Matthew Turton, a dedicated Career Specialist and Director of Breakthroughs in Careers, emphasizes the importance of making informed decisions early on to avoid unnecessary detours in your academic and professional journey.

“We’re here to help you identify your true passions and align them with your skills and interests, ensuring you embark on a career path that brings fulfillment and success.”

Avoid letting societal pressures or misconceptions dictate your future. Whether you are selecting courses or exploring career options, Breakthroughs in Careers is your trusted partner in unlocking your full potential. Be empowered to pursue a path that ignites your passion and maximizes your talents!

Stop wasting time and energy on courses that lead nowhere. Contact Breakthroughs in Careers today for your free consultation and begin to chart a course to your dream career. Your future starts here!

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