Guelph homeowners wake up to find patio doors open, footprints inside

An alarming realization for homeowners in Guelph as they woke up Monday morning to find their patio doors were wide open and evidence that someone had walked inside.

According to Guelph police, there were footprints that showed someone waltzed right into the home through the rear doors while the homeowners were sleeping.

The suspect didn’t stay long as the footprints indicated the intruder abruptly turned and left the house.

To make it even odder, nothing appeared to be stolen so it’s not clear what the motive was.

The homeowners made the discovery Monday around 6:40 a.m. and they live in the Willow Road and Flaherty Drive area.

Guelph police are investigating the incident and are offering protection tips for homeowners and businesses on their website.

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