Uber Cravings Report shows local enthusiasm for cannabis edibles

Ride hailing and food delivery service Uber has released its fifth annual Cravings Report, highlighting trends and offering insights into the most popular items ordered throughout 2023 – including a local love for edible cannabis products.

When compared to national figures, the bundled Kitchener-Waterloo took the fourth spot in terms of cities where adults ordered the most cannabis edibles – just behind big cities like Victoria, Vancouver and the highest-ranking Toronto.

That figure shows K-W beating out the nation’s capital, as well as nearby Hamilton & London.

The snapshot also includes a festive twist – showing Vancouver as the city that ordered the most eggnog through the meal and grocery delivery app.

Your largest order through the app likely comes nowhere close to the highest recorded 2023 figure shared by Uber.

The latest cravings report showed that accolade went to a Toronto resident in November, ordering a total of $1,729 from Italian restaurant Gusto 101.

That order included 20 pizzas, 30 pasta orders and a whopping 71 appetizers.

Waterloo Region did not make the list of the top-tippers for completed deliveries – that title going to Prince George, ahead of Ottawa and Halifax.

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