Tools in the Trades program offers a rewarding career path in the trades

By Myrna Burgoyne

In a world that often emphasizes traditional educational paths, the Tools in the Trades program is a beacon of hope for individuals seeking a different, yet equally rewarding, career path. By offering a comprehensive platform that promotes the skilled trades as a first-choice option, this program opens doors for those ready to embark on a fulfilling journey of learning and growth.

With a focus on providing essential employability skills, professional networking opportunities, and hands-on experience, Tools in the Trades is revolutionizing the way people approach their career aspirations.

Building a foundation for success

One of the primary objectives of the Tools in the Trades program is to empower individuals to make the skilled trades their first choice after secondary school. By offering a direct entry point into the trade industry, this initiative eliminates the need for aimless job-hopping or multiple post-secondary options. Participants are encouraged to embrace their passion for hands-on work, enabling them to start building a fulfilling career right from the outset.

Diverse benefits for every individual

The benefits of joining the Tools in the Trades program are vast and cater to the unique aspirations of each participant. Whether it is the allure of future financial gain, the opportunity to learn from experienced tradespeople or the chance to network with potential employers, this program provides a multitude of advantages.

Participants gain transferable skills that extend beyond their chosen trade, equipping them with valuable tools to excel in various aspects of their personal and professional lives. For many, it becomes a lifestyle experience and a source of genuine excitement, allowing them to construct remarkable things using a myriad of elements.

Empowering participants through boot camp

An important element of the Tools in the Trades program is the intensive Boot Camp, where participants acquire essential trade-specific skills and learn invaluable essential employability skills.

This comprehensive training equips individuals with the practical know-how to utilize trade-specific tools effectively. Additionally, participants receive their very own apprentice starter tool kit, ensuring they are well-prepared to enter the workforce with professional-grade equipment. Beyond technical skills, the program also hones networking, interview and resume writing abilities, laying a strong foundation for securing employment and excelling in their chosen field.

Addressing the skills gap and championing diversity

The Tools in the Trades program not only addresses the skilled trade shortage in Ontario but also creates life-changing opportunities for underrepresented groups such as new Canadians, Indigenous peoples, women and those who have been involved in the justice system.

By offering support and tailored resources, the program enables individuals from all backgrounds to experience success, gain knowledge and foster hope where it may have been absent. The program’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity not only enriches the trade industry but also strengthens the social fabric of the communities it serves.

Unleashing the power of possibility

Tools in the Trades provides each participant with an unparalleled opportunity to discover their true potential. Through hands-on experiences with tools and the guidance of qualified tradespeople, individuals gain confidence, skill and a deeper understanding of their chosen trade.

The program also ensures that essential employability skills are instilled, equipping participants with the professional acumen required to thrive in the trade industry. The program’s innovative approach connects participants with employers who share valuable insights into hiring practices and the key attributes that lead to success in the skilled trades.

Tools in the Trades stands as a transformative program that opens up a world of opportunity for individuals interested in learning a trade. By offering a direct entry point into the skilled trades, comprehensive training, and essential employability skills, this initiative empowers participants to pursue their passions while fostering diversity and addressing the skills gap.

With Tools in the Trades, individuals can unlock their potential, experience success and embark on a fulfilling journey of growth, skill acquisition, and endless possibilities in the dynamic world of trades.

Tools in the Trades is accepting applications for a variety of Bootcamps. Please visit the program website for more information.

This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario. 

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