Local MP reacts to Bill C-22 passing in House of Commons

A controversial bill was passed in the House of Commons Wednesday.

Kitchener Centre MP Mike Morrice has advocated for the passage of Bill C-22, also known as the Canada Disability Benefit Act, for years.

Morrice said that this bill is aimed at lifting people with disabilities out of poverty. He added that in Canada, 40 per cent of people living in poverty have a disability.

Although he’s happy that people with disabilities are one step closer to seeing the benefit in their bank account, he told CityNews 570 he’s not completely satisfied with the end result.

“The bill has significant drawbacks,” said Morrice. “But at least we do have something passed here that is now going back to the Senate.”

Morrice and his team were able to make five amendments to the bill, one of the key ones ensures the benefit is indexed for inflation in the regulations.

However, Morrice did not get support on all of his requested amendments, including one that would have extended the disability benefit. The way the bill is currently written, it’s going to cut off the benefit when someone turns 65.

“To me, that’s just so inappropriate. A person’s disability doesn’t end at 65,” said Morrice.

Morrice said he doesn’t envision any more amendments at the Senate, but that doesn’t mean their work is done.

“With the disability community, we are going to be continuing to put pressure on the federal government to put in place strong regulations and to budget for the benefit,” said Morrice.

The bill will now go to the Senate for a final vote before it can become law.

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