Regional Council to hear update on local high-risk encampments

An update on the three high-risk encampments in Waterloo Region will be provided to Regional Council on Wednesday.

The report on the agenda says that as of March 1 there were a total of 53 people living between the three encampments, with 17 at 100 Victoria Street in Kitchener, eight at Roos Island in Kitchener and 28 at 150 Main Street in Cambridge.

Those who met the the eligibility criteria were offered to meet with House of Friendship staff about moving into their new emergency shelter on Weber Street in Waterloo, as well as the shelter on Erbs Road. The results of these offers were tracked until May 11.

According to the results, there are 24 residents who haven’t moved to permanent housing, Erbs Road or House of Friendship’s ShelterCare. The report adds that staff will continue to meet weekly with area municipal staff, police, street outreach and community partners to offer supports to those still at the high-risk encampments and transitioning to safer shelters, as well as individuals at all encampments across Waterloo Region.

The report, put together by Housing Services Social Planning Associate Katie Lout, says the Region provides services to the unsanctioned Victoria Street and Main Street encampments, with the associated operating costs from January to April 2023 being approximately $267,000.

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