Local politicians react to 2023 Federal Budget (update)

By Brent Cater

Following the unveiling of the 2023 Federal Budget politicians across the country are giving their thoughts on the big takeaways. 

On the local front, Green Party MP Mike Morrice took to social media Tuesday evening to share his reaction. 

He noted what he believes are some good measures within the budget such as piloting for the Canadian Revenue Agency to expand automatic tax filings for low-income Canadians.

He was also in agreement with a proposal to renew funding for a program that local organizations such as Sanguen health and The Working Centre have used in the past to help those dealing with issues from drug use.  

However, overall he said the budget “fails to meet the moment we're in”. 

One point of contention for Morrice was new subsidies for the oil industry rather than investments into green initiatives. 

“On climate, they continue to put new subsidies in place with new money going to the very industry that's most responsible for the crisis we're in, at a time when their already making record breaking profits.” 

On housing he complimented a four billion dollar investment into Indigenous housing but, was disappointed with no additional housing investments being allocated in the budget. 

Morrice also scolded the federal government for failing to further invest into the Canadian Disability Benefit. 

“It's another miss. They could have funded a guaranteed income for people with disabilities, the community has been calling for this for years and they chose not to do it.” 

On the municipal level Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie gave his thoughts on the budget and didn't mince words tweeting on social media, “I think it's good.” 

Regional Chair Karen Redman released a statement with her reaction to the budget as well;

“For municipalities, it was important to see the government's commitment to reviewing Canada's infrastructure needs. For decades, municipalities across the country have asked federal and provincial governments to lead and take bold action on infrastructure funding, including much needed investments in critical infrastructure, airports, rail, and transit. We look forward to working with the federal government to ensure the infrastructure needs of our fast-growing region are met in the future,” read the email statement. 

“We were pleased to see a federal focus in both a new Canadian Drugs and Substances Strategy and in our country's energy and climate transition. Both are pressing issues for Waterloo Region, and we hope municipalities and the province will be invited to the table. We look forward to continued work with the federal government to ensure that all Canadians have a place to call home. This remains an urgent concern for all municipal leaders.”

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