Less than 21 per cent of Kitchener voters cast ballot in municipal election

By Erin Anderson

Full regional data hasn't been released yet, but we are getting a better picture of what voter turnout was like in the 2022 municipal election. 

Across the tri-cities, Cambridge saw the most residents vote. A total of 27,689 ballots were cast in-person and online, and there was a turnout of 28.87 per cent. 

Waterloo was close behind with a turnout of 27.18 per cent and 22,435 ballots cast. 

Kitchener saw the least out of the three, with 20.26 per cent voter turnout and 34,658 ballots cast. That's a major drop from 2018, when there was a turnout of 28.22 per cent in the city. 

Both Kitchener and Waterloo only offered in-person ballots in the election. 

In the townships, Woolwich is reporting a turnout of 34.7 per cent, Wilmot saw just over 40 per cent, and Wellesley had just over 24 per cent. 

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