Petition calls for immediate safety improvements to Punkeydoodles Corners (update)

By Casey Taylor

Days after another deadly crash at Punkeydoodles Corners, a new petition is calling for someone to do something to make the area safer.

On Saturday, Waterloo Regional Police responded to a crash at the intersection of Oxford Rd. 5 and Punkeydoodles Ave., after two vehicles slammed into each other, killing a 22-year-old woman from Wilmot.

The crash also left a 16-year-old woman from Wilmot with life-threatening injuries, while a 19-year-old man from Oakville was also taken to hospital.

Days later, area residents are demanding immediate action to make the area safer.

“It has been less than 3 years since my family and I moved to Wilmot near the highway and Punkeydoodles Corners intersection,” reads a petition started by Carrie Scheuermann. “Since residing here, there have been countless accidents, injuries and fatalities.”

The petition goes on to highlight one of the main issues with the area, which is it's still largely unclear who exactly should be responsible for it.

Punkeydoodles Corners is an unincorporated hamlet straddling East Zorra-Tavistock, Perth East, and Wilmot Township. That said, the petition is calling on Wilmot to take the lead.

“I would like to bring a strong petition forward for changing and developing a safer corridor through the unincorporated hamlet. Primarily to the Township of Wilmot,” the petition reads. “The municipal boundaries of East Zorra – Tavistock and Perth East do straddle the area, Wilmot must take initiative to change.”

Ultimately though, the petition, along with comments from concerned locals, make it clear they don't really care which county or township steps up to the plate as long as changes are made, and quick.

“There should never again be a death on this section of highway.”

Meantime, the mayor of Zorra Township says the intersection has already been identified for a feasibility study to consider a roundabout.

Marcus Ryan adds, in the interim, an oversized stop sign with a flashing light will be installed there.

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