Number of overdose deaths continues to rise in Waterloo Region (update)

By Erin Anderson

As we continue to try and combat the COVID-19 pandemic, another epidemic is also still ongoing: the overdose and opioid crisis.

The latest monitoring data for Waterloo Region shows there have been 55 suspected opioid-related overdose deaths so far in 2022, as of September 7. That's 12 more since August 4. 

Data current to September 3 indicates there have also been 918 overdose-related emergency calls so far this year, and naloxone was administered 126 times. 

According to updated figures from the Ontario Coroner's Office, there were 159 drug poisoning deaths in Waterloo Region in all of 2021. 

Michael Parkinson, who was formerly with the region's Crime Prevention Council, told CityNews 570 that 111 of those deaths were opioid-related. 

Data current to August showed there have been 87 drug poisoning deaths in Waterloo Region so far in 2022. 

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