Kitchener man talks about lifestyle change in new book, podcast

By CityNews Staff

A Kitchener man is sharing his motivational journey of well improvement with a new book and podcast.

John Webster is the author of  “Accidentally Well” and host of the “Let's Be Well Together” podcast. He published his new book in February 2022.

After graduating with a philosophy degree from the University of Waterloo in his 20's, Webster believed he would find the answers to life's big questions. However, when he got married and started a family, he said he forgot about the big questions and started to let himself go physically. When he turned 50 in 2014, he said he “didn't recognize” himself anymore and began his transformation.

Webster started by going on short walks and slowly eating properly to lose weight. Over a few years, his small walks turned into running 10 km a day. To date, he says he has run on every street in Kitchener. Over time, Webster's exercise regime brought back his philosophical thinking. One day, he had an epiphany on how to get well overall and not just physically.

“I just felt amazing,” said Webster on the Mike Farwell Show on Thursday. “It wasn't even about looks or anything like that, I just felt amazing.”

In his book and podcast, Webster outlines eight areas of wellness which include physical and mental health, spiritual, artistic, environmental, intellectual, economic and social well-being. He suggests to people to have “wellness check-ins” to look over what they may have missed when they trade-off one category for another in order to have a balance.

Webster initially wanted the book to be for his kids and did not want to publish it because he also talks about his failures as well as his successes. But after a few years, he decided on publication and to create a podcast to help others achieve balance in their well-being. Webster said the title of his book is “ironic” because he spent so much of his youth unsuccessfully trying to find life's answers and it was only when he gave up that they “fell into his lap.”

“If this might help somebody, if somebody else may gravitate toward this and might be able to find some balance and work towards wellness, I kind of have an obligation,” said Webster on the publication of his book.

“Accidentally Well” is available on Amazon and Indigo and “Let's Be Well Together” can be found where you listen to your favourite podcasts.

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