Breakthroughs in Learning offers effective brain training techniques to people of all ages

By Danae Ingram

For over two decades, Breakthroughs in Learning (Breakthroughs) has been helping people of all ages to overcome personal challenges to achieve their goals.

Apply now for a complimentary Learning Challenge Breakthrough Consultation (valued at $147) to discuss your specific areas of concern.

The team at Breakthroughs works with each client to identify underlying causes. In doing so, they can focus on developing clients’ cognitive skills, which include memory, focus and problem solving, reading, listening comprehension and so much more.

Matthew Turton says, “In my early years, my ADHD and other learning disabilities led to developing a negative attitude about learning and education. Through years of research and talking to experts, my mother discovered resources and methods that started to work for both me and my brother. The results were so significant that we had parents knocking on our door asking if my mom could help their children too.”

Pauline Turton started Breakthroughs because of her experience with her two sons.

After seven years of research and collaboration with experts, Turton was successful in developing an unparalleled brain training program and support system designed to help people experience long-term success.

The program provided the opportunity for Matthew and his brother Michael to develop the brain skills necessary to achieve successful careers. For Matthew, he used his personal experience to train as an Educational Therapist and pursue his studies in psychology. Currently Director and Educational Therapist at Breakthroughs, Matthew is passionate about helping others overcome their own learning challenges.

By creating an Individualized Brain Development Program for each client through the assessment process, Breakthroughs can identify areas of weakness and specifically target them for development.

Are there true success stories from this unique program? Yes! Visit Breakthroughs website to see client testimonials.

Struggling in school, at work or home? Breakthroughs can help. For more information, call 519-888-6697, fill in the contact form or connect via Facebook and Twitter.

Life doesn’t have to be a constant struggle – Breakthroughs wants to help you be your best!

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