Kidney Foundation is sending Ontarians on a wild goose chase this month

By Taylor Pace

The Kidney Foundation is sending you on a wild goose chase to help raise money for renal patients across Ontario in The Incredible Kidney Quest. 

Needing a fun and family-friendly event that could help raise money while abiding by COVID restrictions and keeping in mind the safety of renal patients and the broader community, they landed on GooseChase, a popular scavenger hunt app. 

Participants will complete various quest missions between July 10 and July 25 to receive points – whether it be submitting a photo or video, solving a riddle, or answering trivia. Those with the highest scores at the end of the challenge will be entered into a draw to win prizes. 

The app also allows for friendly competition, as users can see how other players are doing throughout the challenge via the activity feed. 

“Expect an adventure in your city,” said Jessica Bailey, who has been volunteering with the Waterloo Wellington and District Chapter of the Kidney Foundation for the past 26 years.

“I've actually been a renal patient since I was eight, seven, somewhere in there. I started volunteering to give back to the community, to help an organization that’s helped me out,” she said. 

As the event is safe for those who are immune compromised, Bailey said she is really looking forward to the event. 

“I’m excited to just discover new things in the community and enjoy doing it with my husband.” 

“In 2020, the foundation disbursed nearly $75,000 in funding to 348 patients across the province,” Bailey said. “This accounted for 40 per cent of all STFA (Short Term Emergency Financial Assistance) funding requests. In 2021, the foundation has already provided $55,000 in transportation support, assisting 227 people or 43 per cent of patients.”

Through the event, the Kidney Foundation is hoping to raise a total of $25,000 for programs like STFA, among others.

Bailey said people should join in not only because it will be fun and allow you to explore your community, but to “raise money for a really good organization that helps a lot of people in the community.”

Participants are also encouraged to share their photos and videos on social media with the hashtags @KidneyOntario or #TheIncredibleKidneyQuest #KidneyQuest21 

Those looking to join in can register here until July 24.  

Pricing ranges from $30 for an individual to $80 for a family.

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