Kitchener on board with local Ontario Health Team

By Mark Pare

The City of Kitchener is officially on board with a local Ontario Health Team, known as KW4.

City council unanimously voted in favour of the city's participation in the group.

The concept was approved by the province last month, and KW4 is one of a couple subregions identified.

It's made up of groups in Kitchener-Waterloo, as well as Wilmot, Wellesley and Woolwich, and meant to serve the around 400,000 people that live within those cities and townships.

Kitchener's pledge to sign the Collaborative Decision-Making Agreement comes with a $25,000 cost for both 2020 and 2021.

Dr. Joseph Lee is a longtime family doctor based in Kitchener, and is the Chair of KW4.

He said the team's focus in year one is around COVID-19 preparedness, while also assisting residents who are at risk and need care across multiple services.

Those groups are the homeless and precariously housed, frail elderly and refugees.

Kitchener is listed as a “strategic member.”  There are also partner members and affiliate members.

Cambridge and North Dumfries are part of another subregion.

CLICK HERE for Monday's meeting, where Dr. Lee explained the concept and Kitchener's role.

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