Three Top Trends for Dressing Your Windows

By Kara Colynuck

When it comes to window covering options these days, homebuyers have no shortage of choice. There are draperies, shades, blinds, shutters and accents, and that’s just to start.

While having so many options is fantastic, all that variety can sometimes make choosing difficult. We thought we’d take a look into what’s actually selling well right now—and why.

Mark Riffer, owner of Budget Blinds of Kitchener and Guelph, reports three major trends he has been seeing in his industry.

1. Roller shades

Rollers of all different styles, including automated, cordless and dual rollers (also known as zebra shade or bypass rollers) are quite popular right now.

Why, though, are roller shades so popular? They have a clean, sleek and modern look, which is very much in keeping with the current direction in home décor. Most homeowners aren’t looking for window treatments that attract too much attention; instead, they simply want to complement their existing décor, gain some privacy and ensure their space looks finished.

This is also a product fans of customization love, as buyers can choose the colour, style, pattern and fabric—even the opacity level, which ranges from sheer and light-filtering to complete blackout.

Rooms with multiple windows or ones that are difficult to reach are the perfect candidates for automated roller shades. These can even be integrated seamlessly with smart home devices.

Roller shades look great on their own or they can be paired with custom drapery to make an even bigger design statement.

2. Shutters

Shutters are slightly more traditional, but they are a product that has never really lost its foothold in the market. Buyers can choose from wood or composite. Wood shutters work well in all main living spaces. Composite is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, where humidity is high. Plantation shutters hinge and fold; they have a classic and romantic vibe. Café shutters partially cover windows, preserving some of your view.

Shutters work well across a range of home décor styles, including classic, formal, traditional and transitional. You can tweak the look through colour and finish selection so they work in any space—and instantly elevate it.

3. Custom drapery

Custom drapery, in the form of drapes and roman shades, is a growing part of Riffer’s business. A neutral colour palette still rules for most customers, with whites, beiges and greys outselling everything else.

“There has been a big uptick in the availability of colour and pattern,” he says, conceding that most of his customers play it safe. Manufacturers are certainly bringing to market a wide range of fashion-forward, eye-catching designs, so if colour and pattern are your thing, options abound.

The layered look has really taken off too. This is where windows are covered with shades or blinds but then side panels or side drapery is added. It’s the best of both worlds really, providing privacy and light filtering, as well as no-fuss style.

Those who are in the market for window coverings would do well to work with an in-home consultation business. They bring fabrics and samples right to your door and do all of the measuring on site. There is never any cost or obligation for the initial appointment.

Despite the cost-savvy name, Budget Blinds of Kitchener and Guelph actually carries a full range of products. Everything they do is custom-fit to ensure a high-end look that will last. They also offer a unique, no-questions-asked warranty for most of their suppliers. Schedule your free in-home consultation.

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