Possibility of re-count looming in Waterloo

By Mark Pare

Royce Bodily defeated John McCarthy for the vacant Ward 2 seat by an unofficial voter count of 781-762.

But the results won't be made official until later this week.  And that's important because for McCarthy to trigger a re-count, he has to wait until then.  

McCarthy tells 570 NEWS he is mulling it over and once he gathers more information on the process, he'll decide whether it's worth moving forward with.

And he could have some ground to make the request.

“I was very interested in the fact there were 118 spoiled ballots,” McCarthy said.

“12 of the spoiled ballots had too many choices ticked off, and 100 I believe is the number she said had not enough choices (ticked off).”

Since the re-count can't be triggered automatically, McCarthy says once he submits a request, the decision would be up to the current council.

The whole process could take about 30 days to complete.

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