Record number of international students looking to study in Waterloo

A massive influx in international students are expected to land on Canadian university campuses next fall.

Both universities in Waterloo Region are reporting double digit growth in international students applications.

Wilfrid Laurier University has seen international undergrad applications increase by 48.3 per cent.

The number of application from the United States alone has risen 39 per cent.

At the University of Waterloo undergrad visa application is up 27 per cent over last year.

Graduate school application are up by 31 per cent.

The weak loonie has played a major role in the significant jump.

Many have also speculated there are several political reasons why more students are choosing Canada.

UW and WLU say they do not ask students about political reasons for applying, however Wifrid Laurier University and Balsilie School of International Affairs Professor Alistair Edgar says politics does play some role,

“The uncertainties in the U.S and the U.k, that is making students and their parents think about sending them (students) elsewhere.” Edgar adds, “so you have political leadership uncertainties and you have the general atmosphere, how welcome will your students be?” Said Edgar.

Another important factor is beefed up international recruitment efforts by most Canadian Universities.

According to the Canadian Federation of Students Ontario, most Canadian universities are going to see a serious decline in domestic enrollment numbers.

This will mean Canadian universities will have to look to international markets to fill the gaps.

Tuition fees for international students are not regulated by the government and can be up to 3 times as that of a Canadian student.


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