Wellington Water Watchers use valentine to grab attention of Guelph MPP

Wellington Water Watchers want to make sure a certain someone gets something special this Valentines Day.

They’ve held an event so that Guelph residents can make their voices heard to MPP Liz Sandals.

The group holds a monthly Full Moon Water Blessing, each hosted by a different organization and in a different location in Wellington County.

This month, they took to city hall in Guelph getting signatures on a massive valentine, and giving out smaller ones for people to fill out with quotes such as “Dear Liz Sandals, we love water, tell me you love water too and say no to Nestle. Be True. Don’t meet Nestle lobbyists.”

Karen Rathwell with the group says she hopes these joke Valentines spark a real change from Sandals.

“I’m hoping that she will light a fire under Glen Murray.

She adds they believe our water should not be for sale, and we have to all learn to protect it.

“We need to say goodbye to the water-bottling business,” says Rathwell. “It’s just not a smart thing to do. There are other things we’ve done that aren’t smart and we’ve learned from that and we’ve stopped them, this is another one. Our water is needed for generations and we need to plan for seven generations.”

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