Vancouver Economic Commission visits UW to recruit talent

The Vancouver Economic Commission is visiting the University of Waterloo to try and scoop up some of the best and brightest that our region has to offer.

Kirsten Sutton is the Managing Director for SAP Labs Canada and says they’re looking for UW grads to help feed the exploding Vancouver tech job market.

“In Vancouver, we are hiring like crazy! There’s a big tech boom in the City, and the war for talent is on. So at SAP we’re really looking to see the growth in Vancouver’s tech community and looking for the best students around the Province and across the Country. The University of Waterloo has one of the best reputations, easily- nationally and across North America.”

Sutton says Vancouver isn’t the only City looking at UW grads.

“The grads from UW are top notch. I’ve heard from some people that it’s one of the top places for employers like Google and other Silicon Valley giants.”

SAP has a booth set-up at UW to try and show grads the benefits of looking to Vancouver for employment.

“SAP is at the University to go over the great jobs we have available across the Country. We’re also going to talk a lot of Vancouver and the industry, I mean there’s thousands of jobs available in Vancouver right now. So we’re just looking forward to helping the students learn all about them and how they can fit in, and hopefully get them thinking about making a move out West.”

Sutton says SAP knows first-hand the benefits of hiring a UW graduate.

“We have an over 30-year relationship with the University of Waterloo. We’ve been hiring from there consistently year over year, we have interns that we bring in every year as well. We all just really want to keep our talent in Canada and help these students find careers here.”

You can learn more about SAP Canada by clicking here.


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