Kitchener Soccer Club hoping to field team for visually impaired

The Kitchener Soccer Club is hoping to field a new team this summer.

This team however plays the game a bit different. It’s known as 5-a-side blind soccer and it is for visually impaired athletes.

The sport is currently not very popular in Canada, but groups like the Kitchener Soccer Club are trying to change that. This will be the first year they are putting a team together.

As the name suggests the game is played with just five players per team. Four players are visually impaired and are blindfolded and the goalie is sighted and does not wear a blindfold. The ball makes a rattling sound so players can follow the ball. There are also several spotters on the outside of the pitch who can shout directions.

Glen Wade is a blind athlete and the President of the Ontario Blind Sports Association, he says being involved in team sports can really improve people lives, “I’ve had the opportunity to play many team sports, and I’d like to help others experience that and the opportunities that come with that, people you meet the whole team atmosphere, its hugely important.”

The team is looking for athletes of all ages and skill level to come play for the team.

For more information about 5-a-side Blind Soccer you can visit Kitchener Soccer Club’s website here.

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