Tech Spotlight

1:30 – Tech Spotlight: Kik Hackathon
Heather Galt, Head of Marketing, Kik
Next weekend, Kik messenger, Communitech, Techyon and Velocity are sponsoring a hackathon to let University of Waterloo students show their creativity, skills and talents. Students will have 36 hours to program mobile and web apps, guided by Kik mentors. At the end of the weekend, teams will present their products to a judging panel to win prizes.

1:45 – Tech Spotlight: Rev Program
Samuel Legge, Rev Program Manager, Communitech (
Communitech is launching a first-of-its-kind sales accelerator for tech start-ups who already have products and are looking to make money fast. In March, Communitech Rev will take up to ten companies with diverse teams- like female co-founders- for the six-month program where they’ll get sales education and mentoring. Rev is focused on building not just great local start-ups, but global competitors. Samuel Legge, Rev Program Manager, will be able to answer what an accelerator is, why Rev is focused on sales, and how it will help Waterloo Region’s tech start-ups.



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