Guelph mayor ‘shocked’ to hear local ice rink told to shut down

The City of Guelph wants a beloved homemade neighbourhood rink gone.

The rink has popped up in the Pine Ridge subdivision for five winters now and gets a lot of use by those living there.

Neighbours got a letter from the city stating that “unauthorized encroachments” have occurred on this city-owned land and must be discontinued.

The rink is located on the green space that runs between residential properties that front onto Summerfield Drive and Grey Oak Drive.

Some in the neighbourhood think one neighbour might be behind the city’s interest, in their six by 15 metre rink.

“I was shocked about it when I found out that this situation was going on as well” says Cam Guthrie, Guelph Mayor. “I’ve been tirelessly working all day on this issue, speaking not only with people involved in the neighbourhood, but also with city staff here to see if we can find a solution that works.”

The Deputy Chief Administrative Officer says residents must apply for an encroachment agreement when they want to install community rinks.




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