Ontario voters not happy with job performance of Premier Kathleen Wynne, suggests new poll

A new poll suggests Ontario voters are not happy with the job performance of Premier Kathleen Wynne.

An Angus Reid Poll results show 50% of Ontario voters polled disapprove, 35% approve, and the rest are undecided.

President of Angus Reid, Shachi Kurl, told 570’s Gary Doyle Show, while these numbers are needed during a time of much-needed endorsement, it all comes down to campaigns.

While these numbers can be studied, how a candidate presents itself pre-election is what secures the votes.

“You’ve got Tim Hudak and his “Million Jobs” plan, you’ve got Kathleen Wynne out there hustling for jobs. She’s got to be able to put some of the McGuinty-era stench behind her.”

Kurl suggests at this point its a numbers game: about who can claim the key ridings to secure a win in the next election.

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