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Spotlight: Some of your favourite foods can leave a lasting impression on your teeth.

How you, and your dentist, can return some sparkle to your smile.
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We all know that some of our favourite foods are high in calories, or promote tooth decay if left unchecked. What you might not have considered is the impact that food can make on the long term colour of your teeth. Even some of the healthiest choices are just bursting with pigments that latch on to any surface, including your smile. Knowledge is power! Knowing which foods are the biggest offenders, and how your dentist can help, can keep your teeth sparkling white for life.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: if you’d hate to get it on your clothing, then it’s probably going to stain your teeth, too. Caffeine lovers won’t be surprised that their morning cup of joe, or comforting pot of tea, are going to be your first concern each morning. Adding milk or cream to coffee and tea helps a bit, but even one or two cups a day can lead to dull and discoloured teeth. Because our teeth are porous, they naturally absorb whatever we drink.

Soda and your smile are never a good match. Carbonated beverages bathe our teeth in sugars and acids that erode enamel, and dark sodas like cola also add a stain component. Likewise, dark juices are a major culprit. They may help you add fruit to your diet, but they’re also high in sugar and pigments. Limiting your consumption, or just steering clear of dark beverages can really help.

It should come as no surprise that foods like blueberries and beets are also big offenders when it comes to dental staining. Even frozen treats aren’t exempt. Popsicle flavours that leave your tongue brightly coloured are to doing the same to your teeth!

What you might not have considered are foods that lend a savoury flair to your cooking. Soy Sauce, balsamic vinegar and even tomato sauce are rich in umami flavour, but they’re also full of colour and acid that can leave teeth looking dark. You don’t have to skip them entirely. Consider having a salad before hand. Veggies like broccoli or lettuce have been shown to help prevent staining.

Ultimately, no matter how careful you are, you may not be able to avoid every stain. That’s where your dentist can really help. Teeth whitening can make an amazing change in your appearance and self confidence. A professional dental office, such as, can give you a smile that will stay beautiful far longer than over the counter products. Even stains that have accumulated from years of smoking, or enjoying your favourite foods, can be treated. Using a 25% hydrogen gel and a special UV light, they’ll exfoliate stains from inside your teeth, bringing them back to their natural colour. The degree to which stains come out is different for everyone, but you’re sure to see a noticeable difference. To find out which products and treatments are right for you, contact today for your free dental consultation.

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