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Local homebuilder shares tips on what to look for in a new home

Freure Homes weighs in with their decades of experience designing and building homes
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The housing market in Kitchener-Waterloo is changing swiftly – with interest rates at historic lows, now might be a good time to buy.  But when you choose to purchase a new home, understanding the nuances of what to look for can save you from suffering a costly case of buyer’s remorse.

Freure Homes has experience building homes and townhomes in Kitchener-Waterloo since 1954. Here are their tips for home buyers on what to look for in a new home. 


Dead space is a waste. Avoid homes with narrow hallways, inconvenient nooks, or oddly shaped rooms that are not conducive to efficient functioning. The issue is not always the square footage; even large homes can have inefficient use of space. Walk through the home assessing how you will use each room. Avoid homes where you find rooms or spaces that simply don’t provide a useable function.

Natural light

Natural light improves your mood and provides beneficial vitamin D. You want your home to be a place of health and wellness, so look for homes with large windows and skylights. In addition to the health boost, natural light makes your home feel roomy and airy.

Room size and furniture placement

Think about the furniture you have or the furniture you want to have. Will your queen bed and your nightstands fit into the room the way you want? Be aware of how your furniture placement will affect the room. For example, if your headboard is directly in the line of vision when you enter the bedroom, the room will appear larger.

Traffic flow

Function is everything when it comes to complete home enjoyment. Avoid homes where the interior doors open against the flow of traffic, where the powder room is inconvenient for guests (such as opening directly into the kitchen or dining room), where the spaces are too narrow for safety, or if the thought of having guests makes you think twice because the living room or den is too small.


There is a reason why Realtors tout location, location, location as a vital factor in choosing your home. The streetscape matters as much as in the indoors. Some developments’ homes all look the same – wouldn’t you prefer something a little more unique? The charm of the home’s exterior, and the neighbourhood, are important factors. Green spaces, large yards, and enough parking spaces are important too for overall appeal.

Freure Homes

Since 1954, Freure Homes has been delighting homeowners with beautiful, functional, homes in Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge and more. Locally owned and family operated, Freure Homes has built more than 13,000 new homes to date. Learn more at

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