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Do you know the words to the "Dan's Discount Windows & Doors" jingle?

The catchy tune played on radio spots has had people singing for over 15 years.

Dan’s Discount Windows and Doors. If you have lived in the area for any length of time, just reading those words might have you singing their jingle for the rest of the day. The lyrics and tune together make an indelible earworm that gets us all humming. Just click the play button below to hear for yourself. 

I was lucky enough to sit down with Chris Morrissette, the CEO of Dan’s Discount Windows and Doors, and Bob Thompson, Account Manager with Rogers Sports & Media who worked with the song over the years, to find out more about the story behind one of the catchiest radio jingles in the area.

Original Jingle Captures the Essence of the Business Perfectly

It all started back in 2005 when the founder of Dan’s Discount Windows and Doors, Dan Kuepfer, hired Lloyd Mercey, a Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee and member of the band The Mercey Brothers, to write a jingle for his store. Together, they came up with the original lyrics that perfectly described Dan’s original store:

“Dan’s Discount Windows and Doors.

Just an old warehouse, not even a store.

No fancy showroom, it’s all on the floor.

Incredible savings, selection, and more.

Dan’s Discount Windows and Doors.”

The lyrics accurately described what Dan’s Discount Windows and Doors was all about at the time – a no-frills cash-and-carry place to get windows and doors at a great price. At the time, the store was housed in an old warehouse and all of the stock was out on the warehouse floor for customers to browse.

Updated Jingle for the New Location

As the business grew, Dan’s Discount Windows and Doors eventually moved to its current location on Victoria Street and upgraded to include a showroom. While the business still offered the same great deals, the jingle did not quite fit with the new building. Dan wanted the jingle updated to reflect the change.

“Dan was always really concerned that he was being accurate in his advertising,” says Chris. “He always insisted on being honest and upfront.”

Bob was able to find the singer on the original jingle track, Jamie Warren, and together they rewrote the lyrics and rerecorded it. The new lyrics reflect exactly what Dan’s Discount Windows and Doors offers today:

“Dan’s Discount Windows and Doors.

Just an old warehouse, made into a store.

A new-fangled showroom, it’s all on the floor.

Incredible savings, selection, and more.

Dan’s Discount Windows and Doors.”

Why So Catchy?

One question remains unanswered, though. Why is this particular jingle so incredibly catchy?

“It is simple and it has a catchy tune. Whenever I’m driving a company vehicle, people sing the jingle when I get out of my car. People even bring their kids in to the showroom, line them up, and have them sing it,” explains Chris. “The jingle sets people’s expectations so well. It just fits.”

Bob has not experienced anything like the popularity of Dan’s Discount Windows and Doors jingle in his over 30-year career in radio. “It mirrors the whole philosophy of Dan so beautifully because there is no pretension. It is one of the proudest things that I’ve been a part of in my career,” he says.

Sadly, Dan passed away in 2013. His wife, Donna, has kept the business going since then. “The business was part of Dan’s identity and Donna has worked hard to keep the family business going,” says Chris.

These days, Dan’s Discount Windows and Doors still offers incredible savings, selection, and more. They have also expanded to include a custom installation service and they still offer a great selection of cash-and-carry products from their showroom floor. The store proudly reflects the philosophy that Dan had when he first opened the doors – honesty and good prices.

Visit Dan’s Discount Windows and Doors online or at their showroom, which is located at 199 Victoria Street in Kitchener. As Dan always said, “Come on in today for a Dan good deal!”

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